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Given that Schola was originally designed for secondary and high schools supporting the English subsystem of education and is now being used in schools supporting other educational systems and even a university, then we would say Schola is fully flexible and customizable.

Schola is fully customizable to fit into your structure, flow, and modus operandi. Our experienced and diligent team of engineers is always at your service to make Schola "YOUR" Schola!

So, to answer the question, Schola being a fully customizable package is only flexible as to how far you think and more!

Schola is a very affordable school management system :)

Our pricing is dependent on a number of factors. 

For more information on pricing, please Contact Us

Schola currently uses third-party applications for handling payments. However, we are currently working on building our payment aggregator system

Presently Schola supports both the French and English subsystems of the Cameroon educational system and all the specialties down the line (grammar, commercial and industrial, etc.)

Due to its flexible nature, Schola can support any type of educational system

Yes. Presently Schola is available both in English and French.

Depending on your institution’s language needs, Schola could be customized accordingly.

No, Schola is NOT TOTALLY free but very affordable :)

Our pricing is dependent on a number of factors.

For more information on pricing, please Contact Us

There are a lot of factors that come into play while migrating data from different systems into Schola. However, if we can conveniently get the data into excel format, there’s a great chance we can migrate your previous data into Schola. 

The migration process takes some time and, in most cases, it’ll delay the deployment of Schola for your institution.

Well, this will depend on the extent of usage you’re referring to. 

You cannot completely use Schola without an active internet connection as it is online-based software.

However, when accessing the internet becomes difficult or impossible for any reason, there are excel templates you can use to do specific (“important”) operations and you’ll have to upload these files immediately network becomes available.

No. Schola is currently available as web (accessed via a browser) and mobile (both Android and iOS) applications. 

Note that an active internet connection is needed to access Schola.

Once an agreement has been reached, it’ll take us about 48 hours to set up Schola for your institution. 

It will take another two to five days to migrate your existing data and train your school database administrator on how to use the software.

On the home page of Schola website, click the Getting Started button

Fill out the form that appears with detailed information about your institution and submit

Choose a database administrator for training

The Schola team will contact you based on the address you provided in the form

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Let’s download free from apple and play store

Seamlessly manage your institution with our app, available for free download on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Simplify administrative tasks, enhance communication, and ensure efficient school management – all from the convenience of your mobile device.

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